High-tech Zone Health Bureau: with the "three strong" initiative to help service enterprises improve quality and efficiency

来源:   时间: 2023-08-14 15:09
  The Health Bureau of High-tech Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Health Bureau) has 19 "enterprise confidants", accounting for about 10% of the total number of "enterprise confidants" in the region, and a total of 20 insured enterprises。With the "three intensification" as the starting point, the Health Bureau firmly establishes the concept of "the development of service enterprises is the development of service economy", based on the functions of the health department, takes the initiative to take the lead, and promotes the landing, implementation and refinement of the work of service enterprises。
  First, strong organization, build mechanism, help the enterprise service accurately in place
  First, the establishment of the health Bureau service enterprise leading group, the establishment of "leaders into the responsibility, enterprises into the grid, cadres into the enterprise" work mode, spread a net, the global "knowing people" guarantee20The company is divided into three groups of six areas, the health bureau leadership team members combined with their respective responsibilities to carry out overall underwriting, the section (office) of the body cadres regardless of whether they are "business insiders", all sinking, the guarantee enterprise into the grid management, to help the healthy development of enterprises。The second is the service enterprise office under the Health Bureau, which conveys and supervises the various work tasks assigned by the service enterprises at the city and district levels, and supervises the monthly visits of the global "enterprise confidences" and the uploading of the visit records of the "government Tong Jiangcheng" to ensure that there are no omissions in the uploading and delivery of the work details。The third is to establish a regular meeting system for service enterprises, dispatch the demands of each "enterprise knowing person" every week, promote the situation, and solve the situation, and focus on discussing the plan and countermeasures, so as to achieve one enterprise one policy, one matter more measures, and coordinate the implementation of service enterprises。
  Second, strong responsibility, solve problems, and help enterprises provide accurate escort services
  HCHB always adheres to the service concept of "enterprises must respond to what they call",Organize cadres to visit enterprises every week,Make friends with enterprises,Provide policy assistance to enterprises,Actively publicize preferential policies related to enterprise development and various activities organized by service enterprises at the city and district levels,Help enterprises keep abreast of the latest developments,Close the distance with the enterprise,Through various methods and ways to understand the difficulties and problems existing in the process of business operation,Create a To-do list,Through the "three" way to implement: first, "immediately",For enterprises to reflect the problem can be solved on the spot,To be settled immediately;Second, "co-organizing",For business issues,Can't be fixed on the spot,Or something the Department of Health can't fix,Coordinate the cooperation among relevant departments of high-tech zone,Promote problem solving;Third, "hand it over",To sort out the problems that need to be solved by the coordination of municipal departments or led by other departments of high-tech zones,Report to the high-tech zone service enterprise office according to the actual situation of the written transfer,"Enterprise confidant" follow up the whole process,Help enterprises to solve problems。
  Third, strong service, implementation, help enterprises to provide accurate services
  The Health Bureau always adheres to the problem-oriented determination of service objectives, to solve the problem as a means to implement the service content, and to the satisfaction of enterprises as a standard to test the service effect。In response to the demands of enterprises for lack of funds, insufficient publicity channels, insufficient orders, and difficult recruitment, the Health Bureau coordinated relevant departments and units, clearly solved the time limit, and achieved "one enterprise, one countermeasure, one commissioner" to form a closed loop of work。For enterprises that clearly say they have no demands, the Health Bureau organizes relevant "business people" based on the "nine solutions" problem and departmental functions, combines the characteristics of different enterprises to tailor the service list, and puts the service in front of the enterprise for its choice。At present, the Department of Health has been5The company has solved the demands of health certificate management, widening publicity channels, and surrounding environmental health, and effectively added services for the company and sought benefits。
  In the next step, the Health Bureau will continue to target the needs of enterprises, strengthen service awareness, implement service measures, further improve service efficiency, promote the institutionalization, normalization and standardization of service enterprise work, and contribute to helping enterprises "accelerate"。(Xue-Hong Shang, Health Bureau)